Unlimited vs 1-2 users

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Subject: Re: unlimited vs. 1-2 users

John Levine writes:

> The AT&T licenses all distinguish between 1-2 users and unlimited, and
> Interactive is mostly just passing this on to the customers.  There is
> little or no difference in the software between the two versions.
> The definition of "user" is extremely vague.  Network dialins for uucp
> definitely don't count, ...

And yet, when I called Bell Tech (now Intel) a few months ago, I was
told that their 1-2 user versions enforce that limit by not supporting
more than one serial port. That in effect includes uucp dialins in the
user count, since there won't be any uucp dialins (or dialouts, for that
matter) once there is a user on the first (and only) serial port.

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