wangtek retensioning problems -- tapecntl included

James R. Howard jrh at
Tue Feb 13 12:59:58 AEST 1990

In article <Q4RC6HB at geminix.UUCP>, gemini at geminix.UUCP (Uwe Doering) writes:
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 > >The real and simple solution is to use the tapecntl(1) command: 
 > OK, but this doesn't help me right now. And you should know that it
 > doesn't matter so much what brand the streamer itself is, but what
 > device driver you have in your UNIX. This is the one the tapecntl(1)
 > command has to cope with. And I'm quite sure that the ISC wt driver
 > won't understand the tapecntl(1) ioctl-calls. This should be the
 > reason why this utility isn't shipped with 386/ix.
 > After all, writing device drivers is the main task the UNIX vendors
 > do, and as long as there is no standard how things should be done
 > every vendor will invent its own driver interface to the application
 > programs.
 > But of course this doesn't explain why ISC doesn't ship its own utility
 > for the wt streamer. Maybe I've looked at the wrong places. If someone
 > (hello ISC) knows better please tell us.
 >      Uwe

Actually, the ISC wt driver, DOES support the tapecntl calls.  
How do I know this?  Because Dell UNIX 386/ix  (Which is ISC based, 
with enhancements) has tapecntl, and it works with the wt driver.  
I have a Wangtek 150MB TBU, and it works fine with it.   

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