AT&T unix V386 on Compaq hardware?

Steve Dyer dyer at spdcc.COM
Wed Feb 28 15:12:26 AEST 1990

In article <12245 at smoke.BRL.MIL> gwyn at (Doug Gwyn) writes:
>In article <1990Feb27.044606.14253 at csustan.CSUStan.Edu> robert at csustan.CSUStan.Edu (Robert Zeff) writes:
>>I would like to install AT&T unix on my Compaq 386/20.  Does AT&T sell their
>>unix for hardware other than AT&T?  I could use SCO unix, but I would like
>>to use the same unix as we have at work, which is AT&T.
>I'm not quite sure what you think the problem is.
>UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T; anyone selling a product
>labeled "UNIX" should be doing so with AT&T's approval, which
>means that their product is derived from AT&T's official source code
>for UNIX System V and passes AT&T's System V Validation Suite.
>[blah blah blah]

His question makes a lot of sense to anyone who is knowledgeable about
386 UNIX systems.  AT&T, SCO and ISC all sell a 386 UNIX system.  AT&T
also sells a 386 box.  There has been controversy in the past about the
support, if any, you can get from AT&T if you try to run their UNIX on
a non-AT&T machine (reports were in the past that support would ask you for
the serial # of the hardware--I don't know what the policy is now.)
Also, it is quite common for there to be some variability in 386 systems
even if they all manage to run DOS identically, such that one flavor of
boxed 386 UNIX won't boot on such a machine.

You have a big gap in your knowledge when it comes to 386 UNIX systems,
Doug.  Try to restrain yourself from presuming what you think people
might mean, especially if they post the question to comp.unix.i386,
as he did here.

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