(N)TROFF for ESIX - I need it!

Scott E. Garfinkle dacseg at uts.amdahl.com
Wed Feb 21 04:52:36 AEST 1990

>From article <111 at minya.UUCP>, by jc at minya.UUCP (John Chambers):
> Which reminds me:  I've seen ditroff on some Unix systems, and not on
> others.  Does anyone know where it originates?  It seems like a good
> program, when it's present.
Ditroff is part of the AT&T Documenter's Workbench package, and is often
licensed separately from the base OS.  I am not familiar with AT&T's
licensing arrangements with its OEMS.

> One of the things that sorta surprised me was that this Esix system
> came without nroff/troff.  Maybe I'm showing my naivete, but its the
> first (of quite a large number) of Unix systems that lacked them....
None of the 386 Unix products I know of come with nroff/troff in their
OS package.  Both SCO and ISC license them separately (at least, I think
ISC licenses DWB).  ESIX sales people recommend Elan, I think.

> Next, I suppose I'll see a Unix system without cc or make or sh or...
SCO sells Unix without cc if you don't buy their development system.  I
think ISC does the same.  At least Esix comes with this stuff.

	-Scott E. Garfinkle

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