possible Phoenix Bios incompatibility?

David Israel di at hstbme.mit.edu
Wed Feb 28 01:55:27 AEST 1990

(I posted this to comp.unix.microport last week, but didn't get a
definitive answer; hopefully the readers of this group can help...)

I'm trying to bring Microport SysV/386 v3.0e up on a Taiwanese clone
system. The motherboard is supposedly a "Dyna" if that name rings a
bell; it's running at 24 MHz, has 4Mb RAM, and a Phoenix Bios which I
believe is not their newest -- it signs on as version 1.10 02.  The
disk controller is a Western Digital WD1006-SR2 (RLL, 1:1).  If it
makes any difference, there is no 387 installed.  Needless to say, it
all works under DOS, but it won't make it through the SysV "Build
Disk" -- it starts to boot /unix, crunches for about a minute or so,
then hangs with the message:

PANIC: trap type 0xE

followed by a dump of the registers.  This behaviour is repeatable.
I have seen postings on comp.unix.i386 about problems with ISC on
motherboards with earlier Phoenix bioses.  Has anybody had the same
experience under Microport, or better yet, anybody know the definitive
reason for this problem?  Thanks.

David Israel  (di at hstbme.mit.edu)
USnail: MIT 20A-113, Cambridge, MA 02139

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