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Gary Blumenstein garyb at crpmks.UUCP
Sun Feb 18 15:44:53 AEST 1990

In article <8019 at lindy.Stanford.EDU> phil at lindy.Stanford.EDU (Phillip Lee) writes:
>[..]                        I have a V-7 VRAM with 512k and it is capable
>of 1024x768 but ESIX only support 800x600.  If you need 1024x768 get
>Orchid Prodesigner 512K and it is better to have at least a 16 inch monitor.
>BTW all of the X11 out there only support 16 colors, and they are working
>on 256 colors.  I have NANAO flexscan 9070s and it is very good, but it
>would be nice to have a 19 or 20 inch screen so you can have multiple window
>on screen.  

I have a 9070s also and I like it alot.  I'm using an STB EM-16 VGA and ISC's
1024x768 non-interlaced server for X.  I can fit four, 80 column x 25 line 
xterm windows on the display at the same time and still have room for icons.  
Be forwarned however, the print is tiny and most people would not be able to 
tolerate it using the default font.  Also, the monitor is advertised as a 16"
display; the manufacturer measures the internal tube diagonal and not what you
actually see.  The sceen size that you see is more likeabout 15 1/2".

A much more reasonable font is provided with the xpcterm client.  I find this
much more usable and quite pleasing to look at although it's a little larger
and multiple 80 col. x 25 li. windows will overlap some.  Also, the display 
does flicker to some extent when you are looking at large areas where you have 
light color backgrounds.  Using the inverse (i.e.  light forground, dark 
background) eliminates this problem.

In summarry, the NANAO Flexscan 9070s and STB VGA EM-16 is a relatively 
inexpensive way to have a decent VGA based X server.  I'm a happy buckaroo.
Now it's off to the development system!...

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