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Bob Palowoda palowoda at fiver.UUCP
Sat Feb 3 06:28:19 AEST 1990

>From article <=.F1X5Gxds13 at ficc.uu.net>, by peter at ficc.uu.net (Peter da Silva):
> In article <131010 at sun.Eng.Sun.COM> plocher at sun.UUCP (John Plocher) writes:
>> I hate to say it :-) but what did you expect of Dimitri (Former CEO
>> of Bell Tech)?
> I seem to recall you baching Dmitri Rotow before, but assumed that it
> was because you were at Microport. Could you explain now what precisely
> you have against the man?

  I can't speak for John, but if there was any truth that they did
hardware changes to their tape drive so that it only works with
there driver software, it enough to put him at the bottom of the
totem pole. I'll admit Dmitri does have the right idea about 
shrink wrap UNIX and I hope he continues in market for the shear
fact that he is driveing UNIX prices down. I attended a speach he
put on once and he appeared to be overly arrogant. But than again
CEO are suppose to have ego problems right? 

  I'm all opens eyes on his latest venture with Intel. At least he 
has a challenge on his hands now. Intel has never really be successful
in mass market software. But than again Bell Tech wasn't either. So
far it looks like a "stall" "stall" situation. But than again Microport
is a "dead" "dead" situation. 

 The bottom line is Dmitri should only write marketing articles for a 
living. I wouldn't by a can of worms from him if he was the salesman.
>> If he wasn't the one in charge I'd have a good feeling about Intel
>> and "Shrink wrapped" Unix; but as it is, I wouldn't touch it with a
>> ten foot pole!
> Our experience with Bell Tech and now Intel UNIX has been excellent,
> and we intend to continue doing business with them.

  Out of curiosity how does Intel handle the Bell Tech upgrades on
the Blit card. What version of X is it running now? Do they still 
sell the card? How much is it? Does it have Intels name on it? 
Can users of Bell Unix upgrade to Intel's 4.0 for a nominial fee?
Do you get service from Intel on your Bell Tech products?


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