Mouse Programming under AT&T System V R3.2

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Tue Feb 13 06:37:24 AEST 1990

In article <112 at revere.UUCP> root at revere.UUCP (Admin) writes:
>Does anyone know how to use the header file 'mouse.h' under AT&T System V
>R3.2????  I can't get anybody on AT&T's Hotline nor in their TIER-IV Group
>to tell me how to make the proper ioctl calls.  So far everyone claims
>that they don't know because the port was done "outside" the company,
>i.e.: Microsoft, Interactive, Phoenix Technologies, and SCO.


If you have the AT&T Mouse Utilities Version 2.1 (the "latest
and greatest") there's a man page in the package that's
supposed to go in section 7 of the Sysadmin Reference that
tells you all about the programatic interface for the mouse.
If you email a fax number, I'll fax it to you.

You can get the mouse manager by ordering COMCODE 105725865.

Frank McGee, AT&T
Entry Level Systems Support
attmail!fmcgee (preferred)
att!cuuxb!fmcgee (those that can't reach attmail)

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