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Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Tue Feb 13 03:33:05 AEST 1990

In article <1654 at atha.AthabascaU.CA>, louis at cs.AthabascaU.CA (Louis Schmittroth) writes:
> This will be a non-profit service with donated hardware.
> We plan to give the user e-mail, a conferencing system, some Usenet
> groups, and possibly a BBS system.  If there were one package that
> would replace the BBS, conferencing system, and e-mail, so much
> the better.  We have experience with an older version of CoSy, and
> like some of it.  I was hoping that there might be something better
> out there now, and either cheap or free.

AKCS will do exactly what you are looking for.  AKCS is a complete
front end that can be used to keep callers out of the shell - yet
the ability to send and receive mail, netnews, gated conferences,
downloads, and is user friendly.

>         -UNIX/Xenix/SCO/ISC/AT&T (I read the recent stuff in comp.unix.i386)

AKCS is available for Xenix and Unix.  I am running Unix and the file system
is much faster than Xenix - but then the Xenix ASY drivers are much faster
than the Unix ones and in many installations dumb cards can be used under Xenix
in situations that would require smart boards under Unix.

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