RLL formats & SCO Xenix

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Wed Feb 7 22:59:16 AEST 1990

In article <1990Feb7.041139.28042 at tah386.manhattan.ks.us>, terry at tah386.manhattan.ks.us (Terry Hull) writes:

Last week I came across a deal on a pair of Priam 519's that I couldn't
pass up - and after calling Priam was informed that these same drives are
packaged in different configurations -  and are available as ID-230s with
a controller.  I'm currently running these drives with a 2372B under 386/ix
and the machines flies - really flies.  I have NBUF set to 1200 and the 
write behind set to 120 seconds - wow!

I called Priam and asked for a manual.  They told me that they would
drop one in the mail.  The next day Federal Express dropped off
a 519 manual along with an invoice for $25 + $5 for shipping.  They
never mentioned the charge for manuals on the phone!

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