SCSI drive adapter advice wanted

John E. Gefaell jeg7e at watt.acc.Virginia.EDU
Thu Feb 22 01:51:42 AEST 1990

Junk the ST02! IT is a $30 adapter! I've spent more for lunch on occasion
The fact is, if you want to play with UNIX, you can certainly be serious
about your hardware. Penny Wise and Pound Foolish if you ask me. I bought
the ST296N and ST02 combo a while back for use W/ DOS. Immediately I knew
that this was a suboptimal situation. Data Transfer averaged only 45oK/BPS
and that was pathetic, considering this was SCSI and not ST412/MFM! So, I
went about researching things. Future Domain made the ST01/02 for Seagate
to allow a low cost entry point for SCSI. The drives after all, are quite 
inexpensive (a 80Meg SCSI disk for $500!) I bought ESIX, so I opted for the
AHA1542A and I love it. Anyways, don't skimp, get the better adapter, you'll
bew glad you did.  

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