Mouse Programming under AT&T System V R3.2

Michael Matthews x7776 mjm at atti07.ATT.COM
Fri Feb 23 02:08:32 AEST 1990

In article <1084 at cgh.UUCP>, paul at cgh.UUCP (Paul Homchick) writes:
> In article <112 at revere.UUCP> root at revere.UUCP (Admin) writes:
> >Does anyone know how to use the header file 'mouse.h' under AT&T System V
> >R3.2????  I can't get anybody on AT&T's Hotline nor in their TIER-IV Group
> >to tell me how to make the proper ioctl calls.
> This reminds me of my favorite AT&T-Sys/V-6386 Mouse complaint.  It
> seems that FACE would be easier to use if it worked with a mouse.  No
> one yet, however, has told me how this might be done.  I'll bet the
> mouse works with X and Open Look!
The mouse works with FACE on my machine. The mouse not only works with
OpenLook it is required. The mouse driver is manifest as /dev/mouse.
I don't know exactly how it works, but write a program to read this device
and see what it looks like. 

As far as any definitive UNIX documentation, I have never seen any.
The mouse came with some DOS documentation and no UNIX drivers at all.
I called the NSSC number and they were nice enough to send me the software
free of charge, though it was the least they could do.

Mike Matthews
Basking Ridge, NJ 

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