unlimited vs. 1-2 users

Peter da Silva peter at ficc.uu.net
Tue Feb 6 03:42:34 AEST 1990

> > Our experience with Bell Tech and now Intel UNIX has been excellent,
> > and we intend to continue doing business with them.

In article <983 at fiver.UUCP> palowoda at fiver.UUCP (Bob Palowoda) writes:
>   Out of curiosity how does Intel handle the Bell Tech upgrades on
> the Blit card. [other BT hardware questions]

Not having any Bell Tech hardware, I couldn't say.

The tape drive business is uncool, though. Dmitri sent me some mail
saying he's back on the net, but I couldn't get a response back to
him. From my point of view that's not much different than the gratititous
changes that ISC seems to have made to the base Intel/AT&T product,
though. But it does bear watching...
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