Process hanging on AT&T 6386 Sys V R3.2

Ken Abrams kabra437 at
Tue Feb 13 08:55:44 AEST 1990

In article <188 at nimbus3.UUCP> djs at nimbus3.UUCP (Doug) writes:
>I'm having a problem with an AT&T 6386 running System V/386 R3.2 using
>an AT&T IPC-802 Intelligent Ports Card.  A program has one of the
>ports open for reading and writing.  While executing a write(2) system
>call of more than one byte (although I'm not sure that matters),
>something happens on the line and the process hangs.  It can't be
>killed in this state.  A scan of the manuals reveals no useful information.
I am having a similar problem and I think my hardware is probably the
same as yours.  I am using SCO Xenix, though, and the symptoms are
slightly different (I CAN kill the process and wasn't able to track it
down to a write operation).  Nobody has yet been able to help me solve
the problem but both SCO and AT&T are pointing the finger at the 
driver for the IPC-802.  Since I am using Xenix, my driver came directly
from CTC (board maker) and is not supported by AT&T.
If your system is more than 9 months old, AT&T may have a new driver for
the IPC-802.  They scrapped the vendor's driver and wrote their own about
then.  I have been able to work around my problem by slowing my terminals
down to 2400 baud, which is not a very good long term solution.
AT&T has not been too impressed with the performance of the CTC board
as evidenced by the fact that they don't use it in their new design.

I posted a question similar to yours about a month ago and someone at
AT&T (not in support) said he may be able to dig out some info. for me.
So far, no response.  I am about ready to scrap the IPC-802 but it will
be a while due to budget.  If you come up with anything concrete, I
would like to hear about it.

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