Re^2: 386/486, well configured: HOW MANY USERS?

Scott E. Garfinkle dacseg at
Fri Feb 23 06:39:06 AEST 1990

>From article <129 at n4hgf.uucp>, by wht at n4hgf.uucp (Warren Tucker):
>>			2 floppies
> Take out one floppy and throw it away from you as hard as you can
> (preferably back onto the supplier's shelf) and replace it with a
> 60 or 80 Mb tape.
A much better idea is to have one each high densitgy 3.5" and 5.25" floppies --
makes data exchange much easier.  Similarly, having a QIC-24 compatible
60 mb tape (e.g. Archive) provides backup and an easy method to exchange
tapes with Suns, etc.
>    SCO is _much_ easier to configure and administer.
>    The C2 Trusted Computer features are for neurotics, paranoids,
> left-brains, or worse yet government control freaks.  Not recommended
> for sane human beings.
I agree with the latter statement, though it somewhat contradicts the former
statement -- there is *no* way to remove completely the secureware (C2/B1)
stuff from SCO Unix.  Also, having installed/administerd both SCO Unix and
ESIX, I wouldn't necessarily say that SCO is a *lot* better.

Also, make *real* sure that the ethernet board you get is supported by the
OS you plan to buy!  The WD8003e seems in general to be far and away the
safest choice.  (Same idea applies, of course, to disk, tape, etc.  cards.)

	Scott E. Garfinkle

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