VGA problem with ISC X11 on Dell 310

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Sun Feb 4 02:18:09 AEST 1990

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-> I just installed ISC's X11 on a Dell 310 with Dell's VGA card (whatever that
-> is).  If I tell Xconfig that I have a Dell VGA, xinit makes my screen
-go crazy;
-> the virtual terminals are still there but the text is really
-weird-looking and
-> just barely readable.
-> Any clues?
-Which monitor do you have?  
-What resolution are you telling X11 to use?
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I have a monochrome monitor labelled "PC'S LIMITED VGA Monochrome".
If you choose the DELL option in xconfig, the only choices it offers
you for resolutions are 720x540 and 800x600.  Neither work.  I tried
manually editing Xconfig to say 640x480 but Xvga complained about an
unsupported resolution.

Another respondent suggested that I try a Video Seven type, since he
claimed that Dell OEMs Video Seven cards.  None of the three Video
Seven entries worked either.

Vanilla VGA *does* work for X -- it's just that the other virtual consoles
are black.  And if my card is indeed capable of better resolution than
640x480, I'd love to be able to use it.
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