Blindingly fast disk I/O and problems with 1542 ans SCSI tape

Al Marmora ajm at
Wed Feb 21 14:36:49 AEST 1990

In article <1171 at digiw.UUCP> petri at digiw.UUCP (0000-Admin) writes:
>	I have used adaptec
>	1542 controllers, but ihave had big problems with Archive
>	150 M SCSI streamers. I have got always PANIC .. error code 17
>	when i have used steamer . I am now looking some other
>	solution for SCSI disc and tape.
>	The problem with 1542 and Archive 2150S is not problem with
>	only one unit , i have tested 5 diferent ones of 1540 / 1542
>	three 210S`s and in many diferent computers.    .... And
>	once i got it working, but then i sold controller ... !.
>	The problem is not with SCSI id , not with parity .
> 	Petri Alhola
>	petri at

It works for me... and four other individuals with whom I work.
In fact, we all are using Adaptec AHA-1542A host adapters,
Archive 2150S tape drives, and Newbury 4380S disks (inspite of
Roy Neese's warnings about bus-arbitration problems with the 4380's)

Anyone out there have a sure-fire way to reproduce the bus-arbitration
problem?  Does the problem only occur with heavily loaded disks or
have we just been lucky so far?  All revisions of Newbury drives?


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