two questions: AMI motherboards; disk performance

Peter Henry henry at Apple.COM
Sat Feb 3 21:39:46 AEST 1990

Now that I've received feedback on the Micronics motherboards
(summary: great if you have the most recent Phoenix BIOS), I'm also
looking for opinions on the AMI motherboards.  Has anyone had problems
with these for running UNIX.  I'm interested in either the 25 or 33
MHz boards with cache.  Also, anyone know anything about their
(proprietary) cache design and its performance?

As a separate issue, I'm deciding between SCSI and ESDI interfaces for
my disk system, and would like to know about *real* (not theoretical)
performance differences, and especially UNIX (esp. ISC) compatibility

Thanks!  PLease respond via email (post only if mail bounces).

-Peter (henry at, peter at

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