BellTech Unix woes on Micronics 25MHz system

Ralph Merwin merwin at agora.UUCP
Sat Jan 13 02:23:24 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan8.123642.25409 at> craigb at (Craig Bevins) writes:
>I am trying to install Bell Technologies SysV/386 3.2u on a system
>	Micronics 25MHz 386 motherboard, no 387
>	Phoenix BIOS 1.10.O7

>It refuses to boot Unix from the installation floppy, hanging shortly
>after it gets to the "Booting the UNIX System ...." message.  It steps

	[more description deleted...]

I had this same problem with a similar hardware setup.  Turned out to be
the motherboard BIOS.  Get the latest version that you can.  Mine is
rev 1.10.10 or so.

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