streams & sockets (Re: Creating a socket with ISC's libinet.a)

Mark W. Snitily mark at zok.UUCP
Wed Jan 17 04:47:05 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan16.011859.5080 at> eric at (Eric Gisin) writes:
>In article <403 at zok.UUCP>, mark at zok.UUCP (Mark W. Snitily) writes:
>> Has anyone tried to create a socket using the libinet.a that comes
>> with ISC's X11 development package?
>> ...
>The -linet routines emulate BSD sockets by using the native stream
>devices and system calls in System V. ...
>Your basic misconception is that /dev/.X11-unix/0 is a UNIX domain socket.
>The socket emulation does NOT implemement AF_UNIX.
>/dev/.X11-unix/0 is one end of a Stream pipe. ...
>I figured all this out while trying to decide what it would
>take to build X11.4 on 386/IX.  ...

Thanks.  Building X11R4 was exactly what I was doing too.  Ended up building
X11R4 with debug info (libX11.a was about 11MB !) and traced the "could
not open display" message to the socket() call in XConnDis.c.
(Used -DSTREAMCONN and -DUNIXCONN in the build.)

I'm rather comfortable with sockets but know very little about streams.
What references (books/journals/source code) would people out there
recommend for learning about streams for the first time?

-- Mark

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