HELP! uucico hangs!

Snorri Bergmann snorri at
Thu Jan 4 21:50:02 AEST 1990

In article <9 at>, I wrote:
> Hello netland!
> I am running ISC 2.0.2 with X5 and X6 updates, and I am having a *lot*
> of trouble using the bi-directional capabilities (dial-in and -out on the
> same port). Everything works fine (I poll a computer every
> 2 hours) *until somebody logs in on that port!!* After that I get FAIL from
> uucico every time it calls and the only cure seems to be to reboot the system.
> If one dials in on that port everything works fine, no problems there, and
> the modem hangs up immediately after logoff.
> I have configured everything as stated in the Update X5 Installation Notes,
> (acu0 for dial-out, ttyd0 for dial-in ,the right gettydefs stuff etc) but
> it still won't work!.  

I received a posting (thank you Jonathan) that suggested I should send
the entire debug script, and some more info.

I have a ACER 1100 (5mb ram, 330Mb Hd), but I had a HP Vectra 25C before
and the same thing happend there, so it's unlikely to be some kind of
hardware incompatibility. I use Lightspeed 2400 (Hayes comp.) modem with
a standard modem cable (wich has been checked by a local guru btw). 
The dip swich settings for the modem are: (1-10 1=on, 0=off) 0010000100.
AFTER somebody has dialed in the modem continues to respond incoming calls 
and I can "cu" to the computer I usually poll, that works fine,
the only thing that does not work properly is uucico. 

Now here goes the debug script /* comments are mine */

mchFind called (krafla)
list (rmail) num = 1
list (/usr/spool/uucppublic) num = 1
list (/usr/spool/uucppublic) num = 1
list (/bin/rmail) list (rnews) num = 2
_Request (TRUE), _Switch (TRUE), _CallBack (FALSE), _MyName (), _Commands /bin/rmail
_Commands rnews
Device Type ACU wanted
mlock acu0 succeeded
filelock: ok
fixline(6, 2400)
processdev: calling setdevcfg(uucico, ACU)
gdial(HayesSmartm2400B) called
expect: ("")   /* I use the ISC supplied hayes script because the one in
got it            the X5 update manual does not work! */
sendthem ()
expect: (OK^M)
AT^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>AT&F^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JAT&F^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>ATZ^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JATZ^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>ATM0^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JATM0^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>AT&D2^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JAT&D2^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>AT&C1^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JAT&C1^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>ATS0=1^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JATS0=1^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (<NO CR>ATS7=120^M)
expect: (OK^M)
^JATS7=120^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (ECHO CHECK ON
<NO CR>A^JATTDDTTxxxxxxxxxxxx^M^M)
expect: (00)
^M^JCONNECT 2400got it
sendthem (^M)
CLOCAL clear
<NO CR>)
getto ret 6
expect: (lvu) /* Have to log on through a swichmux */
^M^J^M^J^@^M^J^J  1   HEKLA  (VAX/VMS)^M^J  2   KATLA  (VAX/VMS)^M^J  7   KRAFLA (HP-UX)^M^J^J^M^J^@Veljid tolvugot it
sendthem (7^M)
expect: (in:)
 : 7^M^JTenging...^M^J^@^M^M^J^I Krafla ^I^IHP-UX A.B3.01 C 9000/840 4339^M^J^Mlogin:got it
/* As you can see, logging on goes ok! */
sendthem (uucp^M) 
imsg > uucp^M^M^J^PShere=krafla^@Login Successful: System=krafla
omsg "Sstrengur -Q0 -x9"
imsg >^PROK^@msg-ROK
 Rmtname krafla, Role MASTER,  Ifn - 6, Loginuser - uucp
rmesg - 'P' imsg >^PPgfx^@got Pgfx
wmesg 'U'g
omsg "Ug"
send 77
pkgetpack: Connodata=1
rec h->cntl 73
send 61
state - [INIT code a] (1)
pkgetpack: Connodata=2
rec h->cntl 61
send 57
state - [INIT code a]&[INIT code b] (3)
pkgetpack: Connodata=3
rec h->cntl 53
state - [O.K.] (10)
Proto started g
*** TOP ***  -  role=1, setline - X
gtwvec: dir /usr/spool/uucp/krafla
insert(C.kraflaN0065)  insert C.kraflaN0065 at 0
        return - 8
Wfile - /usr/spool/uucp/krafla/C.kraflaN0065,Jobid = kraflaN0065
Request: strengur!D.stren78b0671 --> krafla!D.stren78b0671 (snorri)
setline - S
wrktype - S
 wmesg 'S' D.stren78b0671 D.stren78b0671 snorri - D.stren78b0671 0666 snorri
send 37777777610
send 37777777620
rmesg - 'S' pkgetpack: Connodata=4
rec h->cntl 41
pkcntl: RR/RJ: Connodata=0
state - [O.K.] (10)
alarm 1
send 37777777620
alarm 2
send 37777777620
alarm 3
send 37777777620
alarm 4
send 37777777620
alarm 5
send 37777777620
alarm 6
send 37777777620
alarm 7
send 37777777620
alarm 8
send 37777777620
alarm 9
send 37777777620
alarm 10
send 37777777620
tries = 10
got FAIL
send 40
send 10
send 10
cntrl - -1
omsg "OOOOOO"
send OO 0,omsg "OOOOOO"
imsg >^P^I^Y*^Q+^POOOOOO^@exit code -1
Conversation Complete: Status FAILED

/* EOF */

There is no documentation whatsoever in the Fine Manuals about how to
interpret all these messages and controls but it seems that the two 
uucicos do have some serious communication difficulties.

uulog gives:
uucp krafla  (1/4-9:26:41,1270,0) SUCCEEDED (call to krafla )
uucp krafla  (1/4-9:26:44,1270,0) OK (startup)
snorri krafla kraflaN0065 (1/4-9:26:44,1270,0) REQUEST (strengur!D.stren78b0671 --> krafla!D.stren78b0671 (snorri))
snorri krafla kraflaN0065 (1/4-9:29:42,1270,1) BAD READ (expected 'S' got FAIL)
snorri krafla kraflaN0065 (1/4-9:29:42,1270,1) FAILED (conversation complete)

Now the only thing I can do is init 6 (I don't have to switch the modem off
or anything), and then everything is fine UNTIL somebody uses the modem for

Thanks again,

Snorri Bergmann, Strengur Consulting Engineers, Reykjavik Iceland
INTERNET: snorri at

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