Computone board for dial in/out modem - anybody make it work

Bradley W. Fisher brad at bradf.UUCP
Sun Jan 14 17:36:51 AEST 1990

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> > In article <278 at boake2.UUCP> scott at boake2.UUCP (Scott Boake) writes:
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> The firmware on my board are 3.00, and I've had luck with both the
> 4.28 and 4.40 drivers under 386/ix using XON/XOFF. 
Again, I think I sent you e-mail on this subject but perhaps you did not
receive it. The firmware and driver versions you have quoted sound right.
But, remember to use the MODEM device driver ( ie. ttym00 instead of ttyi00 )
and the documentation states that DCD ( data carrier detect ) is on pin 20
instead of the conventional pin 8. Also DTR ( data terminal ready ) is on
pin 8 instead of the conventional pin 20. BACKWARDS!!! This is not an unusual
sitiuation with most of the multiport cards I've used. Why? (IDKICGAA) ie.
I' don't know and I can't get an answer !! (at least from the companies).
Here in the Phoenix Arizona area I have MANY Computone cards running on my
client's machines, and they work as planned, including multiplexers running
down to Tucson.

Really hope this helps ... or at least start's clearing up some of these
many posts concerning Computone/modem problems ... 

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