mark hilliard mark at brandy.UUCP
Tue Jan 9 06:10:42 AEST 1990

With all the talk about the new Post Script printer cartridges that have come
on the market, it is refreshing to see another option for HIGH SPEED

How about a FAST hardware based postscript that drives ALL HP Laserjet
clones, as well as the DESKJET?  Well I just tested this new board in
my 386 running Interactive's 2.02 UNIX and it is the best product for post
script that I have seen short of a IINTX! It blows the doors off of the
PacificPage postscript cartridge as well as the HP cartridge!

There is a new company called "ABATON" which is really owned by EVEREX, 
that has come out with a HIGH SPEED Post Script card called
the POSTCARD PLUS. The card plugs into any slot in a 386 based UNIX 
system, and communicates with the printer via a standard printer 
parallel port.  If you wish to use the dedicated link to the 
Cannon SX there is a option for that as well.  The card just plugs 
into the backplane, and uses 2 I/O adresses and 1 int. 
The software is installed using installpkg, and after a kernal rebuild, you
are up and running.  The card has 35 fonts for postscript, and with a simple
command switches between postscript and HP modes.  The card has 3 meg of ram,
(with the option of a 2 meg addon), a dedicated 16 meg 80186 main processor
and for the real speed a 82786 graphics coprocessor. This board really

For those of you who use MS-DOS there is also a software package for that.

I have tested the card with every software package that I could find, and
everything worked.  All of the GREENBOOK examples work without a hitch.
The card is sells for $1795 (list), and I am told that discounts are offered
for resellers and developers.  I think that the 2 meg addon is around another
$700.  I know that this is twice as much as a postscript cartridge, but is
is as fast as a IINTX and can be switched between HP and postscript via a 
simple shell command. There is no going to the printer and messing with
panel switches!

You can contact William Lee at Abaton/Everex at 1-800-444-5321 ext 2727, or
Lisa at ext 4725. Both have given great support for this product.

I have no connection with Abaton or Everex other than a SATISIFIED customer!

Mark Hilliard

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