WIN 386, I/X 386 PCI

Michael Duebner michael at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Fri Jan 5 14:16:38 AEST 1990

Gentlemen & Ladies:

We have recently installed a system with Interactive Unix 386.  Along with
it we are using there PCI (PC Interface) software for one of our desktop
publishing workstations running Windows 386 and Aldus Pagemaker.

We use the Unix system as file storage for most of the PM pulications along
with other data files.  As of this implimentation we have come across a few
strange problems:

1)	When attempting to copy several files, via windows, from one physical
	drive on the PC to a logical drive on the Unix system we get "Not
	Enough Disk Space" messages from Windows.  Moveing the files one at
	a time, or just selecting a different order eliminates the message.

2)	When running PageMaker, attempting to open a document file located
	on the Unix system we get "Improper File Handle" or "Sharing
	Violation" messages from Windows.  Often times this can be
	eliminated when you start PM by clicking on an existing puplication.
	Sometimes it takes two tries to finally get into the publication.

The exact configuration is a 386 w/2MB of memory, WD ethernet adaptor,
Paradise PVGA and a serial mouse.
Software is MS-DOS 3.3, Windows 386 V2.3, PageMaker 3.0

We have attempted the following without success.

o	Any number of FILES=xx changes in CONFIG.SYS 
o	Any number of BUFFERS=xx changes in CONFIG.SYS (now using 5)
o	Operating with or without Smartdrive  

I am at the end of my knowledge at this point.  Any pointers would be of
great help.

Thanks in advance

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