BellTech Unix woes on Micronics 25MHz system

Craig Bevins craigb at
Thu Jan 11 23:11:51 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jan8.123642.25409 at> I wrote:

>I am trying to install Bell Technologies SysV/386 3.2u on a system
>currently configured as follows:
[ deleted ]
>It refuses to boot Unix from the installation floppy, hanging shortly
>after it gets to the "Booting the UNIX System ...." message.  It steps
>out about 20 tracks on the floppy and dies roughly at the point where
>I would expect the copyright banner to appear.

Thanks to all the folks who responded with suggestions.  Turns out
it was the Unix bootstrap being picky about the BIOS which, of course,
was about the only part of the computer I hadn't swapped.

Phoenix BIOS 1.10.O7 is a no go, but 1.10.B2 works fine.  I'm told
that the problem doesn't exist in the latest release, whatever number
that is.

Thanks again,

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