help on MICROPOLIS 1568 HD

Fred Rump fred at cdin-1.UUCP
Thu Jan 18 06:30:37 AEST 1990

In article <436 at cdin-1.UUCP> lin at cdin-1.UUCP (Lin Chen  ) writes:
>AMI386/25 running SCO XENIX2.3.1 and we have tried SCO XENIX 2.3.2 GT and AT
>with a MICROPOLIS Model 1568 which is 660 MB HD. Some drive specifics :
>Cylinder : 1630; Head : 15; Sector : 54. The hard drive controller is
>(ADAPTEC) ACB-2322B-8.

Hmm, no response yet.

Is there anybody out there using 600-700 MB drives with SCO Xenix, GT version 
or otherwise?

Be very interested in hearing from anyone out there who is successfully using 
large ESDI drives.

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