Exabyte or other big tape on 386/ix

Steve Dyer dyer at spdcc.COM
Wed Jan 10 16:56:11 AEST 1990

Weall, I saw an Exabyte (Perfect Byte, I think) running on one of their
machines at ISC's Cambridge offices about 9 or so months ago.  (Hey, I was
on a social call!)  At that time, the driver was under development.
I don't know what the official word is or anything about its status
as a product or a non-product.

Steve Dyer
dyer at ursa-major.spdcc.com aka {ima,harvard,rayssd,linus,m2c}!spdcc!dyer
dyer at arktouros.mit.edu, dyer at hstbme.mit.edu

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