ATI VGA Wonder (was Re: Use a 386 unix as a home machine?).

Tony Olekshy tony at oha.UUCP
Sat Jan 6 11:22:50 AEST 1990

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> > Well, since my article 397, we have also gotten the ATI Bus Mouse to work
> > with SCO Unix 3.2 (usemouse) as well.  Don't know about X yet, but will
> > keep you posted as we continue to experiment.
> What did you have to do to make it work?  We haven't gotten that lucky yet!
> (SCO Unix 3.2 hasn't worked with the ATI Bus mouse for us!)

The following is from my associate, Jim Hoover:

    How to make an ATI VGA bus mouse work with SCO Unix System V 3.2

1.  Make sure that your mouse is configured properly.  That is, enabled,
    using the primary port (23C) and IRQ5.  The vga board comes shipped with
    the mouse disabled so you have to boot to DOS and use the VSETUP.COM 
    program supplied by ATI to set the EEPROM configuration registers on the

    Options for configuration are: disabled, use primary port 23C, use
    secondary port 238; and use IRQ 2, 3, 4, or 5.

2.  mkdev mouse, relink and reboot

3.  When you boot the system you shoud get a hwconfig line something like

    name=mouse base=0x23C offset=0x2 vec=05 dma=- type=busmouse

I don't know how the driver works but it does appear to sense the presence of
the mouse because when I setup the mouse to use the secondary port the mouse 
initiation line at boot vanished.

    These next instructions apply to getting usemouse to run

1.  Make sure that the appropriate entries are setup in /usr/lib/event/ttys
    to enable using the mouse on that tty.  A typical entry looks like
	tty01 msbusmouse

2.  Make sure that the permissions on the pty's (/dev/ptyp* /dev/ttyp* )
    used by usemouse are correct.  They should be 
	rw-rw-rw- bin bin
    Symptoms of incorrect permissions will be a message like
	can't open slave(errno 13)
    Or the fact that you can run usemouse as root but not as anyone else.

3.  If you use mscreen, there will likely be a problem caused by having
    a getty attached to the pty that usemouse grabs.  This will be pretty
    obvious as starting usemouse will cause a login prompt to appear!  My
    feeling is that mscreen should be attaching the getty to the pty, instead
    of having an /etc/inittab entry for getty permanently running on the pty.

    These next instructions apply to getting the mouse to run under VP/ix

1.  Beats me how to do it.  I made the mistake of trying to install the
    DOS driver from ATI and the resulting confusion required me to boot VP/ix
    off a floppy, fix the CONFIG.SYS file, and then power off the machine
    before the vga card and mouse stuff would work again (I am not sure if the 
    power off was essential but it didn't hurt).

Prof. Jim Hoover                   | Office +1 403 492 5401 or 5290
Dept. of Computing Science         | FAX    +1 403 492 1071
University of Alberta              | hoover at
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1  | 

Yours, etc., Tony Olekshy (...!alberta!oha!tony or tony at oha.UUCP).

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