vi: Tmp file too large - ULIMIT?

hyun-taek.chang htc at cbnewsm.ATT.COM
Thu Jan 18 16:36:09 AEST 1990

I have a 386 box running with AT&T System V/386 R3.2.1.
I cannot edit a large text file (~450K) using 'vi'.
It complains 'Tmp file too large' and switches to 'ed' mode.
Also, neither can I uncompress a big file (~1.5M) nor make a big tar file.
I've changed ULIMIT in /etc/conf/cf.d/stune file to 8192 and rebuilt the kernel
as described in the Administration Guide. (I've modified ULIMIT in
/etc/default/login file also)  But it doesn't help.
The problem remained same even I tried it as a superuser.
What's wrong?  Oh, I have a plenty of free disk space.

Hyun-Taek Chang
htc%m3ux at

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