Trying to compile with XENIX libs under 386/ix

Eric Gisin eric at
Mon Jan 15 06:52:09 AEST 1990

> Someone else suggested another solution which was to include the xenix compiler 
> and associated support utilities in thier proper place in the 386/ix file 
> system (renaming the utilities that collide - I think cc was one of the
> only ones that did since the library naming convention is different).
> I did not try this, but the guy who told me about it had been using it
> for a while.

I have done this but have not used it much.
Everything from the Xenix /lib except cpp can be copied to /lib.
I copied /usr/include to /usr/include/xenix, and modified /etc/default/cc:
	FLAGS = -X -I/usr/include/xenix
>From /bin (and /usr/bin) I copied the following to a directory /bin/xenix:
	adb ar as cc cc286 cc386 cpp hdr ld nm ranlib sdb size strip
cc286 and cc386 have /bin/ld hardwired into them, so I patched
them with adb changing it to /bin/xl and linking /bin/xenix/ld to /bin/xl.
To do Xenix development just prepend /bin/xenix to $PATH.

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