Logitech 3 button BUS Mouse

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 06:14:51 AEST 1990

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>>Item: 550 by *Masked* at halexii.uucp
>>Author: [Gregory F. Hogg]
>>	I have heard that the Logitech BUS mouse disables either COM1 or COM2
>>anyone using this mouse know if this is true?  If so then why use a BUS mouse.
>The BUS mouse can be Interrupt 2,3 or 5 , if it is set at 5 (As mine is) ,
>there is absolutely no problem.
	The interupt 2 is best one i typicaly have network board in system
	and the only free interupt for them is 5. If you use IRQ 2 the
	/etc/sdevice.d/logi file must be set for IRQ 9. I have done this
	with one of my systems with 386/ix 2.0.2. It works nicely with
	X11.3 ISC rel 1.1 . 
	The other good reason to use logitech bus mouse is that there is
	some bug in Vp/ix ( or in MS-windows logitech driver ) that
	causes MS-windos crach randomly , mostly when there is some
	load in the system. ms-windows works nicely with logitech bus mouse
	and microsoft serial mouse.

	Petri Alhola

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