How can I get Imake?

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 06:23:45 AEST 1990

In article <593 at junkyard.UUCP> joe at junkyard.UUCP (Joseph Sarkes) writes:
>In article <8912310419.AA26698 at>, paine at (Willy Paine) writes:
>> I am running Interactive 386/ix 2.0.2.  I am looking for imake.
>find someone with the Xwindows distribution tape. One problem with the
>xwindows tape is that it may not support sysV3.2. When I was tinkering
>with it, I recall some problems, but it has been a while.

	imake is suplied in ISC X11 rel 3 vers 1.1. I also have
	own version of imake ported from X11 rel 3 surces.
	the porting X11.2 imake in very simle work, litle bit
	more is needed for imake include files.

	Petri Alhola

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