Installation of Wangtek tape drive for AT&T 3.2.1 Unix

John Plocher plocher at sally.Sun.COM
Sun Jan 7 12:53:20 AEST 1990

+-- In <1989Dec28.173900.6240 at> Randy Suess writes
| 	Unlike other 386 UNIXs, AT&T requires you to purchase as a 
| 	seperate product everything you need to use the system.
| 	One of those is the "Cartridge Tape Utilities".  Now, another
| 	nice thing is that the driver only supports AT&T's version of
| 	the Wangtek controller.  Same with mice.  You need to buy

Sorry Randy, the ATT "versions" of the mouse and the tape controller
are the same as the retail versions sans ATT labels.  The Tape driver
works well with the Bell Tech, Wangtek, and Everex tape drives; the
Bus mouse driver works well with the Logitech hardware.  There
are no "Bell Tech - like gotcha's" in the ATT code.

Yes, they distribute the drivers with the hardware, but the disks can
be ordered seperately.

   -John Plocher

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