John L. Grzesiak jlg at odicon.UUCP
Mon Jan 15 07:11:13 AEST 1990

In article <240 at comcon.UUCP>, tim at comcon.UUCP (Tim Brown) writes:
> This problem is about the hard disk hanging occasionally.
> Platform:
> 		ISC2.0.2 SysV3.2
> 		386 20/mhz 8 MB RAM
> 		WD1007A-WA2 ESDI Controller
> 		Miniscribe 330 MB Hard Disk.

You didn't mention whether you had Chips and Technolgies chipset or
 not so I will assume that you do. The WD1007a ( As well as a couple of
 other WD controllers) has a firmware error that manifests itself on a
 fast bus machine. It has something to do with the track cache on the
 board. There are two cures that I know of: 1 Replace the 1007a with a
 WD1007Vse2. This cures the hang as well as adding some new speed to the
 system. The second cure is to slow the bus speed of the system. A lot of
 clone boards have C&T and the ability to change the registers. Or add a
 wait state to the 16 I/O channel.

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