Need some Help with MegaPort for ISC

Willy Paine paine at
Thu Jan 4 14:23:01 AEST 1990

I am little bit confused on two different instructions and I am using
Unix Device Driver v1.7.1.  It looks simple without asking any interrupt
vector but I could not get ttyaA to work.   I did disable all com1 and
com2 to allow MegaPort to use com1 and com2.  I did put "N" in

After building kernel and rebooting, I am getting:
Megaport Board ICP=80EB000, MEM=80E8000, vec=0 not found [ECH]

I have Compaq using disk cache and inside instruction, it said to use
80E80000 instead of E80000.   I have 9 megB of memory.  I am using ISC
2.0.2 with Upgrade 5X.  I have MegaPort 24 ports.

I did try to add ttyaA in Devices and fix inittab to use uugetty and
gettydefs for Telebit.   But it does not work.  I want to rid of old com1
and com2 serial so I can use VP/ix and serial port mouse under com1 and
com2 using with MegaPort.   After turn on inittab, I am getting error

Can  you please help me with setting up MegaPort include building,
rebooting, inittab to use with uugetty, and uucp setup (Devices,
Dialers, etc)?  

Thanks in advanced!


p.s.  I am totally deaf and please do not drop voice phone for me
<grin>.   I am going to figure it out how to contact tech support.

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