Sony 1304 vs NEC 3D: which monitor to buy?

Roger Cornelius rac at sherpa.uucp
Thu Jan 4 13:15:17 AEST 1990

Does anyone have any opinions on the merits of the Sony 1304 or the
NEC 3D multisync monitors?  Has anyone compared the two?  From what I've
been told the Sony can do 1024*768 non-interlaced, while the NEC can
only do 1024*768 interlaced.  Sony also has a .25mm dot pitch vs NEC's
.28mm dot pitch.  How well does the autoswitching work in both models?
Do both models do autosizing correctly when switching between modes?
And last but not least, which one has the better picture while
you're actually working in front of it.

I'll be using this under SCO UNIX, so any applicable comments also
appreciated.  Suggestions for other brand monitors (1024*768) welcome

Thanks for any info, email or posted.
Roger A. Cornelius           rac at sherpa            uunet!sherpa!rac

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