Exabyte or other big tape on 386/ix

Mark W. Snitily mark at zok.UUCP
Wed Jan 10 15:41:53 AEST 1990

In article <19590 at watdragon.waterloo.edu> tbray at watdragon.waterloo.edu (Tim Bray) writes:
>We need to pump a *lot* of data (100s of Mb) back and forth to the disks
>on our 386/ix (R2.0.2) system.  There are starting to be some excellent
>deals on digital tape technology from Exabyte and others.  Anybody have
>any of these running on 386/ix?  Whose?  How's it work?

Rumor has it that ISC will support the Exabyte in the soon to be released
386/ix 2.2 (last I heard, due out 1-Feb-90).  Anyone from ISC care to

-- Mark

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