Problems with new 386/ix (help needed)

Vidiot brown at vidiot.UUCP
Tue Jan 9 17:24:55 AEST 1990

OK, I received my new UNIX on Friday.  I spent all weekend getting it going.
Obviously I got it going, otherwise I wouldn't entering this with the new

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems.

The major problem is that NH tech support won't talk to an individual like me.
I think that sucks.  I did get him to answer a lp problem.  Personal opinion
here, but the lp and lpadmin pages talk about the nobanner and width options.
I find out that isn't supported and I had to manually edit the lp interfaces
script.  Bummer.  Sounds just like UNIX to me :-)

OK, now for the real problems.

For some stupid reason I can't get access to com1 (tty00).  If I do a

	cu -ltty00

I get:

	connect failed: CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE

Before you say that the hardware is at fault, I have switched the hardware
around and it doesn't make any difference.  It actually did work a couple
of times, but hasn't sense.  Yes, I have built new kernels.  Is this the bug
that one of the updates fixes?  Not only does cu not work, but the line can't
be used for anything else either, especially vpix.  (Boy, I was swearing at
that for awhile also.)

BTW, the NH salesperson that talked to me was real helpful in taking my name
and address so that I can be sent all of the update diskettes, new XWS
diskette #5 (mine was bad) and a new Programmer's Reference manual (mine
has messed up pages [bad printer quality control]).  Now to find out how
long it will take to get here.

As far as the tbl program problem is concerned, I just loaded up the old
MicroPort tbl program.  I can't wait until it arrives.

All of the programs that I compiled under MicroPort work directly here.
I too don't like the compiler complaining about text after #endif lines.
I'm thinking about loading up the Green Hills compiler, as it didn't complain.

The other minor problem:  where and how are the filesystem partitions labeled?
The partitions were automatically labeled when they were created, but I have
moved the mounting sequence around, since another hard disk was added.  I would
like to relabel them so the mounting program doesn't complain about cross-

I haven't had a chance to dig into this problem yet, but what is the deal
with the modems that are attached to a com port having to have the carrier
detect on before they can be addressed.  Is there something that needs to be
changed so that isn't necessary.  I want to get the modem set up (com2) so
that it will be dial-in as well as dial-out.  I haven't had a chance to look
at the portion of the manuals talking about bidirectional uucp.  Any help
to manual pages or tips for various file settings would be appreciated.

I plan on having anonymous uucp access to this system so that the stuff I
produce can be obtained without having to mail it out.

Thanks for your help in advance.  I'm not new to Unix, but just to ISC's
idea of doing some things.
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