SYS V R 4 Interrogative

Richard Jinkins jinkins at ut-emx.UUCP
Fri Jan 19 09:51:35 AEST 1990

In article <504 at gvlv2.GVL.Unisys.COM>, kleonard at gvlv2.GVL.Unisys.COM (Ken Leonard) writes:
> Well, maybe this is the wrong question or the wrong group, but...
> Who knows when/whether/if any of the several PClone-*nix vendors
> have announced, or plan to ship, SYS-V R-4 ?

I just spoke with a representative from Everex (they market a version of
Unix and call it ESIX). He indicated that rev D of ESIX 5.3.2 would be out in 
March and that System 5 rel 4 would be out sometime this summer. Sorry,
no price available.

Richard Jinkins
jinkins at

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