Help configure network of 386's

Rao brr at abcom.ATT.COM
Thu Jan 11 09:29:30 AEST 1990

	I have  the following hardware:
		10 i386 machines, each 20Mhz with enough disk space.

	The goal:
		To make them into UNIX machines, and network them:

		1) Do I have to install the Kernal, Development Systems,
			(I need Simultask too), and Networking siftware on
			EVERY machine?

		2) Can I make do with only the kernal on each machine,
			sharing the Development system and Simultask from a server,
			say like RFS?

		3) What are my options? i.e. what is the minimum
		   software I need on each machine but still network them.

		   All kinds of suggestions welcome.
		   BTW, I intend to use Interactive' UNIX with VP/ix.

		   thanks in advance,

		   -bindu rama rao!cbgold!brr
	brr at

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