ESIX and X windows

Richard Jinkins jinkins at ut-emx.UUCP
Tue Jan 9 06:53:33 AEST 1990

I have a couple of questions concerning running the X window system
under ESIX. Currently I am running ESIX 3.2 rev A with the rev B upgrade
installed. This is running on a 20 Mhz 386 (AGI), 2.5 Mbytes of memory,
and an Everex Evergraphics display adapter.

	1) Currently the documentation says that X windows only runs under
	   EGA, VGA, or the Everex Ultragraphics adapters. Somewhere I thought
	   someone might have said that it might support a Hercules adapter.
	   Does anyone know if this is true under rev C?

	2) Currently only the Logitech bus mouse is supported under rev B and
	   only on ports 0 or 1. Does this change under rev C?

	3) If I were to purchase an ATI VGA Wonder 512K w/ mouse, would it
	   work under rev B or rev C versions of X windows?

	4) Does anyone know what Everex is charging for the rev C upgrade?

Richard Jinkins
jinkins at

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