Graphics on 386ix console

Jeff Hanson v040376 at
Wed Jan 31 10:19:49 AEST 1990

I am looking for information or source code which would help me
in programming my screen in graphics mode on my 386/UNIX system.
I am interested in line drawing and such. I am particularly 
interested in implementation details more than algorithms and 
theoretical info. I need to  know how to set graphics mode on
my console and be able to access it as a raw raster device. I would
like to know what system calls are needed (like ioctl()) with 
what parameters. Code examples would be greatly appreciated 
as well as references (books,manuals,articles, etc.) and advice.
Also public domain graphics libraries for my platform would also
be helpful if any exist.

My system configuration is a Compaq 386/20 with a Video 7 VEGA EGA
card and a Multisync monitor running 386ix v2.0.1.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Hanson

Jeff Hanson        
hanson at

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