Query for screen blanker for ISC 1.0.6

John W. DeBoskey jwd at sas.UUCP
Sat Jan 6 05:53:40 AEST 1990

Hello all,
   I'm running isc 1.0.6 and am wondering if someone has come up
with or nows how to write a screen blanker(saver) for the console.
I know how to blank the screen when doing direct port io, but I don't
know how to link this into the kernel. 
   I thought about just putting a process into the background that
would poll the access times, and after a certain amount of time, blank
the screen, but I don't know how to turn the screen back on immediately.
(receive some sort of activation signal).

   On a different note, with all the serial io articles going by I
thought I'd say that I just installed a Specialix PS2/8 board in
my machine. The board works great. The doc was written for an AT
class machine which through me at first. ie: incorrect device to
read a tar file from, etc. However, the company that shipped me
the board isn't the best. They didn't ship the board to me, they
shipped it to the company that I work for. So it took me a couple
of extra days to FIND the board. It went to lost and found(equipment).
Then the lost my visa card number... ugh...
   The company is Americom Distributors, Marietta, GA. Anyone have
any comments? Personally, with the way the reponded, I don't know that
I'll recommend them if/when a time ever comes... They were very 
apologetic about it, but I don't think the mistakes should have
happened to begin with.

                                     John W De Boskey

jwd at sas.UUCP     (w)
jwd at baggins.UUCP (h)

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