ttymap documentation (was Re: SUMMARY: HELP! uucico hangs.)

Martin Weitzel martin at mwtech.UUCP
Wed Jan 17 22:07:49 AEST 1990

As the poster has pointed out, there are some problems with
ttymap. In fact, the documentation is poor. Be careful on
other circumstances too. Some points I figured out myself
for the virtuell console screens are:

	- ttymap partially affects the active screen only,
	  but partially affects all screens (the latter
	  is true for scan code mapping). So be careful
	  how you remap your keyboard (do you want it
	  to be effective all the time or only for this
	  virtuell screen?)
	- Parts of the scan code mapping do not allways
	  work as described (esp. the CAPS/NUM feature).
	- ttymapping can sometimes be counterproductive
 	  for using VP/ix. At least "toggle" to the
	  unmapped state, before you enter VP/ix.
	- Never reset the mapping (ttymap -d) if you
	  are *not* root. It seems, that this (at least)
	  hangs the keyboard so that you have to reboot,
	  if there's no second terminal.

I hope this was helpfull especially to international users,
who might run into this sort of problems, because they typically
need more mapping. If you have any (or other) problems or
solutions to the above ones, you may send me e-mail. Im willing
to help you and I want to extend the knowledge about my system.
Martin Weitzel, email: martin at mwtech.UUCP, voice: 49-(0)6151-6 56 83

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