PC/IX information

Nate Williams icsu8158 at caesar.cs.montana.edu
Mon Jan 8 15:15:15 AEST 1990

Does anyone out in Net-land know where I can get more information on PC/IX,
an old *nix that Interactive made for IBM.  I just bought a copy and I have
most of it, but I missing documentation on the editor supplied, so I can't
configure my machine to connect to the mini's on campus so I can download
any other editor's :-(
	If any-one has any pointers or hints, please email me cause I'm lost
trying to figure out all the functions of the editor. (Imagine trying to 
figure out EMACS without any sort of key-mapping)
	Thanks in advance, and please no flames if I am posting to the wrong
newsgroups, but it's not an OS that is talked about much anymore.


:-) Trying to do this this **** Inet: osynw at terra.oscs.montana.edu%uunet.. :-)
:-) thing called learning  NATE Bnet: osynw at MTSUNIX1.BITNET                :-)

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