questions about ISC 386/ix

Conor P. Cahill cpcahil at virtech.uucp
Sat Jan 6 22:42:22 AEST 1990

In article <42 at guug.UUCP>, ott at guug.UUCP (Joachim Ott) writes:
> I have 3 little questions about ISC 386/ix:
> 1) I'm root on host alpha and enter the following commands:

NFS, as part of it's basic design, does not support the use of 
device files accross a mounted file system.  I think this is probably
due to the fact that NFS is OS independent and therefore other OSs 
may not understand what a device file is (and associated unix type ioctls).

> 2) Still root, I enter:

Because of security, root's user id is remapped to a -2.  This is controlled
by the nobody variable in the kernel.  I have patched our kernel so that
nobody is set to a 0 as opposed to a -2.  This gives you the result you 

> 3) What are /lib/idcpp and /lib/idcomp good for ? They differ from
> cpp and comp in 2 bytes length ('id' in the name in comment section).

These are special versions of the compiler and c-preprocessor that are
used to rebuild the kernel.  They are provided so that you can re-compile
the kernel even if you do not have a development system.  The slight 
difference in size is due to some changes that make it hard (if not
impossible) to use them as a real compiler if you did not buy the
development system.

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