COM3 and COM4 with SCO Unix/386 Vr3.2?

banning bbanning at
Thu Jan 18 12:45:25 AEST 1990

I have an Everex 386is box and am running SCO Unix/386 Vr3.2.  I was
upset to find that I can not use the extra COM ports I purchased with the
machine.  I have a mouse, modem and terminal that I wish to use.  If I 
can only use COM1 and COM2, I must give up one.  bummmer!

Have any of you had experience using COM3 and COM4?  'mkdev serial' allows
me to install a 2 port board at COM1's address...... Does that create
device files with the correct major and minor numbers for COM1 and COM3?

Can someone give me directions for creating the correct device files for
COM3 and COM4?  If I can only use COM1 and COM2, do any of you know where I
can find a used Microsoft bus mouse board.  Or, please recommend a GOOD and
inexpensive 2 or 4 port serial card!

Thanks for all the help.  This newsgroup is VERY informative and entertaining!
8^> B. Banning (bbanning at

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