Vectra SCSI + BellTech vs SCO questionseseses

Kevin Montgomery kmont at hpindda.HP.COM
Tue Jan 16 11:33:41 AEST 1990


	I'm looking to build up a home unix box with my HP Vectra 
386/16MHz box and was thinking of getting a Western Digitial SCSI 
controller and a Connor (make all Compaq disks, methinks) 104 Meg 
drive.  Has anyone had any problems with any of this configuration 
under BellTech or SCO Unix?  The dealer sez he had no problems cranking
up SCO using it.  Any advice?  Howz $786 for the drive and controller

	Also, which do people like better- BellTech or SCO unix?  What
are the diffs?  I currently have BellTech, but can get a copy of SCO if
it looks worthwhile.  Do either have 387 support?  (and trap if none

				bigtime adv -thanks- ance,

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