Are UW? (was Re: A general Thanks)

Peter da Silva peter at
Wed Jan 3 01:33:36 AEST 1990

Ok, to me the client is the guy running on the host.

The server is the display. I finally got programmed with X/NeWS terminology.

So, is it bass ackwards for UW?

> What's PPP, or, for that matter, Godot?  Are these other methods of
> multiplexing a serial line?  (Is this the dumbest question of the new year?)

No, the dumbest question of the new year was me asking someone if an article
originally posted to alt.flame (I think) was a forgery.

PPP -- Point to Point Protocol. Sucessor to SLIP. Basically it's a space
efficient way of packing TCP/IP traffic on a serial line so you can open
Telnet and FTP and NNTP and whatever else sessions over a modem.

Mucho cooler.
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