SCSI Tape Woes

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Mon Jan 8 09:08:55 AEST 1990

In article <6674 at pbhyf.PacBell.COM> jdp at PacBell.COM (Jerry D. Pierce) writes:
>OK, I've got a REAL problem here and would REALLY appreciate some
>Background:  A Wyse 3225-150T running Interactive UNIX 2.0.2
>             150 Megabyte ESDI (Micropolis, I think) hard disk
>             150 Megabyte SCSI (Archive QIC36) Tape 
>             SC402 Archive Tape Controller
>	I install the system software, and kernal configuration
>	software and run kconfig.  I select the high performance
>	disk driver (hpdd) option.  
>	I tell the system that the hard disk controller is a ESDI,
>	and that I have a SCSI Host Adaptor (with tape) also attached.

Yuck.  That was unnecessary, and in addition won't do anything.

>	Will I have any other problems getting this configuration to
>	work???    (And, am I missing something simple somewhere???)

Call Adaptec or you VAR.  Ask him/her for the Archive drivers for ISC 2.0.2.
Install those.  The problem will disappear. 

The VP150 drive with VP402 controller is a QIC02 drive, not SCSI.

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